Sefirah/Shavuos Class
The Morrow of the Shabbos: The Dispute Between the Tzedukim and Chazal
The Views of Rabbi Meir Don Plotzky, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook & the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Class Summary:
During the Second Temple Period, a fierce controversy raged concerning the date for bringing the springtime offering of barley, called the Omer. (An omer is a measure of volume, around 86 ounces; this was the amount of barley flour baked and then brought in the Temple as a meal offering.) The verse says the Omer is to be offered "on the day after the Shabbos," but which Shabbos? According to the Oral Tradition, this 'Shabbos' is the first day of the Passover holiday. The Boethusians rejected this tradition. What was the underlying argument between the Boethusians and the Sages? The class explores the views of three giants of the past century. It comes down to the question, can man really touch and embrace the Divine?
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